Weathering The Storm: Tips For Effective Water Damage Recovery

Water Damage Restoration Melbourne If you’ve been presented with delays to your renovations or construction project because of water damage, or if you’re dealing with undesirable water damage to your existing property, and you need Water Damage Restoration services quickly, then we’re here to help. We bring over 15 years of broad and deep experience […]

Unattended Water Damage Quickly Turns Into Dangerous Mould Damage

Unattended Water Damage

Poorly managed water leaks and water damage can result in mould growth, so make sure you take water damage in your home or business seriously. Engage a reputable water damage restoration company like Capital Restoration Cleaning, if you are unfortunate to have been impacted by a leaking pipe, flooded carpet, gutter, sewerage overflow or any […]

Beware Water Damaged Carpet Left Wet For Too Long Can Damage Your Walls

Beware Water Damaged Carpet

Wet carpet must be dried quickly and in a professional manner as approved by the international Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC). If flooded carpet is left saturated it can cause other costly damage to your home or business. Mould is something that is a common problem when flooded carpet is left saturated […]

Common Causes of Water Damage Seen By Capital in Melbourne

Carpet Drying Experts

The most common causes of water damage in Melbourne as seen by the IICRC certified water damage restoration technicians at Capital in the last year are; Washing machine waste water hoses dislodging, mainly due poor installation. Washing machine water supply hoses not connected properly causing slow leaks which result in flooding if not detected Bathtub […]

Water Damage Restoration Melbourne – Wet Carpet Drying

carpet cleaning

Check out our before and after shots of a water damaged meeting room of one of our commercial clients.  Within days we drued tge wet carpet and they were able to use the meeting room again and business was back to normal.  Water Damage Restoration and wet carpet drying is a key area of Capital’s expertise […]

Understanding The Different Types Of Water Damage and The Restoration Approach For Each

Wet Carpet Drying Melbourne

What type of Water Damage Has Affected Your Home Or Business? We Customise The Restoration Program To Cater For Your Specific Situation. At Capital Restoration Services we will manage your water damage clean up and restoration program according to the source of the damage and the class of water damage affecting your home or business. There […]