Read what our customers have to say about their experiences with our cleaning and flood/water damage clean up and repair services.

Our customer feedback provides you with confidence that when you deal with Capital Facility Services you are dealing with a professional organisation that values its’ customers and partners with them to provide the highest quality service.

I was suspicious that my property had mould so needed a mould assessment done. Ken was highly knowledgeable and I was relieved to find out I didn’t have mould. I was glad that the mould report was affordable too.

Snehal Barvadiya

We had a water leak some time ago and didn’t realise how bad it was, so ended up with water damage which lead to mould damage. Jamin did a great job of removing the mould and the smell. Thanks again.

Jose Meza

We had to call in Capital Restoration Cleaning after another mould company didn’t do a professional job. Thanks for cleaning up the mess the last mould company left behind.

Paul King

We had a black mould problem that was very concerning for our health. The Capital Restoration Cleaning guys were efficient, friendly and they understood the sense of urgency with such a situation. Thank you guys for a great job – highly recommend to others.


My wife and I contacted Capital Restoration Cleaning after we discovered a damp smell coming from our laundry. At the first appointment they discovered there was a water leak under the house and were able to start sectioning off and commencing work immediately. We were very thankful for their experience and fast approach.

Marcus Water

The dryer had a fault and caused a fire in the back part of our house. Capital organised for all the cleaning and repairs. They even cleaned up the soot covered furniture and organised to have some of the blinds replaced. It was a devastating time for us and we are very appreciative to the Capital team for their hard work and compassion during this time.

Karen | Fire and Smoke Damaged Roof Cleaning | Westgate

We had the unfortunate luck of a fire in our home, thank god it was mainly soot all over the place and some minor structural damages. Capital were found online and they came to inpect the damage immediately and started work cleaning within hours. They sorted out everything, from cleaning to repairs and painting. We could use the house again within weeks, a great result to an unfortunate situation. Thanks to all the boys at Capital.

Manny | Fire Damaged Kitchen Soot Cleaning and Restoration | Glen WaverleyFire Damage Restoration

Wet carpet in the third bedroom had never been dried properly and started to mould. Jerry cut out the mould and did a whole lot of very high tech looking work and then restored the carpet. Looks like new and we are very pleased with the service we received.

Kelly | Mould Remediation | Port Melbourne – Melbourne Victoria

Our apartment started to get mould build up in one of the bedrooms. We worked out it was from a leaking balcony upstairs thanks to Keith from Capital. The mould was removed and the hole in our wall was repaired, making it all look like new. Thank you

Bill and Georgia| Removal of Mould | Melbourne CBDMould Removal and Remediation

A sewage pipe under our home burst and the bottom of our house was filled with toxic wastes. We are glad we came across Jerry who came out quickly and sorted it all out within days. A terrible situation handled well by the professionals. Thanks mate.

Michael | Sewage Drain overflow Clean Up | Northern Suburbs – Melbourne Vic