Drying Carpet Will Not Always Save It!!

Water Extraction

Drying Carpet is what Capital Restoration Cleaning is known for across Melbourne. However, there are times when the flooded carpet is not salvageable and we have to remove it. It is industry standard to not dry carpet contaminated with black water Flooded carpet cannot be saved when it is contaminated by what is referred too […]

Make Sure Your Flooded Carpet is Dried Properly

Make Sure Your Flooded Carpet is Dried Properly

A common mistake of many home owners and tenants is that they think they can dry their flooded carpet themselves. In many instances towel drying is considered sufficient and heaters are used to speed the drying process along. Towel drying is not a sufficient means of water extraction when large areas of carpet have been […]

Carpet Drying Experts Dealing With Melbourne’s Crazy Weather

Carpet Drying Experts Dealing With Melbourne's Crazy Weather

In recent weeks the team at Capital Restoration Cleaning have provided assistance to many Melbournian’s affected by the sudden burst of strong rain and wind.  The storms have caused extensive damage and we would like to thank our team of certified Water Damage Restoration Technicians and their assistants for their great work in helping Melbournian’s […]