How do you deal with smoke odour? Smoke Odour Removal


If you have suffered fire damage in your home or business you may find that even after the clean up process there is a lingering smoke smell that you cannot get rid of. The smoke odour will persist until the smoke particles are neutralised. At Capital our Fire Damage Restoration Technicians use a thermal fogger […]

Beware Water Damaged Carpet Left Wet For Too Long Can Damage Your Walls

Beware Water Damaged Carpet

Wet carpet must be dried quickly and in a professional manner as approved by the international Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC). If flooded carpet is left saturated it can cause other costly damage to your home or business. Mould is something that is a common problem when flooded carpet is left saturated […]

Mould Can Affect More Than Your Wet Carpet and Wet Walls

Mould Can Affect More Than Your Wet Carpet and Wet Walls

Water damaged carpet and flooded floors can damage more than just your flooring.  Eventually, mould will grow on wet and moist surfaces. Check out these photo’s to see what can happen to your belongings stored on or near water damaged surfaces. More often than not it is items stored under beds and in out of […]

Common Causes of Water Damage Seen By Capital in Melbourne

Carpet Drying Experts

The most common causes of water damage in Melbourne as seen by the IICRC certified water damage restoration technicians at Capital in the last year are; Washing machine waste water hoses dislodging, mainly due poor installation. Washing machine water supply hoses not connected properly causing slow leaks which result in flooding if not detected Bathtub […]

Make Sure Your Flooded Carpet is Dried Properly

After Carpet Drying

A common mistake of many home owners and tenants is that they think they can dry their flooded carpet themselves. In many instances towel drying is considered sufficient and heaters are used to speed the drying process along. Towel drying is not a sufficient means of water extraction when large areas of carpet have been […]

Fire Damage Restoration Melbourne Showcase

Fire Damage Restoration Melbourne Showcase

At Capital we are experts in restoring burnt out buildings, across Melbourne.  We specialise in restoring  fire and smoke damaged homes and commercial buildings.  Check out the photo’s below showing the damage to the counter area in a coffee shop in Melbourne and the same area after the fire damage restoration program was undertaken by […]

Carpet Drying Experts Dealing With Melbourne’s Crazy Weather

Carpet Drying Experts Dealing With Melbourne's Crazy Weather

In recent weeks the team at Capital Restoration Cleaning have provided assistance to many Melbournian’s affected by the sudden burst of strong rain and wind.  The storms have caused extensive damage and we would like to thank our team of certified Water Damage Restoration Technicians and their assistants for their great work in helping Melbournian’s […]

Certified Bio-Recovery & Bio-Hazard Cleaning


Capital Restoration Cleaning is the disaster recovery unit of Capital Facility Services and we are proud to announce that our restoration division is now certified by the American Bio-Recovery Association to perform trauma and bio-hazard cleaning. This certification was achieved on completion of the Jena Dyco Crime and Trauma Clean Up Course held in October […]

Mould Damage Removal and Remediation Melbourne

How Much Does A Mold Inspection Cost TruClean

Mould damage removal and remediation is an area Capital has the knowledge and expertise to manage to ensure that any mould resulting from water damage and moisture issues is addressed quickly to stop the contamination from continuing to spread and further damage your property and your health.  We undertake mould damage assessments, remove the mould, […]