Common Causes of Water Damage Seen By Capital in Melbourne

The most common causes of water damage in Melbourne as seen by the IICRC certified water damage restoration technicians at Capital in the last year are;

  • Washing machine waste water hoses dislodging, mainly due poor installation. Washing machine water supply hoses not connected properly causing slow leaks which result in flooding if not detected
  • Bathtub and basin overflows where people simply forget to turn off taps after use or children have left taps running without parents noticing
  • Leaking toilets due to water supply pipes being damaged or poorly installed and toilet cistern cracks
  • Burst pipes of water units situated inside apartments and some homes
  • Flexi-hoses under basins burst
  • Water ingress after heavy rain due to box-gutter overflow or cracked roof tiles

Many of the main causes of flooding and water damage seen by Capital could easily be avoided if property owners used qualified installers to install washing machines, dishwashers and hot water services and if they implement a quarterly program to check that all hose connection are secure and in good condition. We recommend that flexi-houses replaced every three years. Checking taps are turned off before leaving the house is another simple thing to do to avoid water overflows, this is especially important in homes with young children. Checking and cleaning box-gutters every six months is also recommended, as are regular checks on the status of your roof tiles.

If you are unfortunate to be affected by flooding or water damage resulting in water damaged carpet and other surfaces in your home or business call Capital on 1300 554 418  and our IICRC certified water damage restoration technicians can provide you with advice on what to do and will aim to provide you with professional emergency water restoration assistance within an hour anywhere in Melbourne.Water Damage Restoration Melnbourne