Leaking Shower Bases and Mould Removal

Do you have a leaking shower base?

Leaking shower bases are a common issue in many homes in Melbourne. Addressing the issue requires investigation to understand the cause of the leak so that it can be addressed. Beware however, as fixing the leaking shower base does not mean that the problem is fixed. You will require a Water Damage Restoration company like Capital to identify if there are any further issues resulting from the water leak.

Hidden water damage issue resulting from leaking shower bases

Issues like wet and moulding carpet and wall structures in adjoining rooms can easily go undetected by home owners who have had a leaking shower base restored. The first sign of the after affects is likely to be a musty smell lingering in adjoining carpeted bedrooms or worst still visible mould on your carpet or walls. These signs may not become evident for a long time after the leaking shower base has been fixed.

Mould Removal could be required if you have had a leaking shower base

Mould Removal

As you will see from the photos above a leaking shower base can be very dangerous and lead to significant mould damage to your home. Mould can become airborne and spread across your home damaging it and causing toxic health issues for you and your loved ones.

Mould removal from water damaged carpet is not something that you can clean and address yourself. If your carpet is affected by mould it is unlikely to be salvageable, so do not try and clean it yourself, as you are likely to spread the mould instead of containing it.

Call the Mould Removal Experts in Melbourne

Capital is a certified Mould Removal company in Melbourne, you can trust us to identify the extent of your mould issue and to address it in the most effective manner to prevent further spread and damage.

At Capital we will use our special moisture detectors and other equipment to determine what structures are wet. In the situation depicted in the above photos our Water Damage Technician was able to identify, using thermal imaging and other techniques, that the wall and the structure behind it was wet and compromised. Affected plaster was cut and mould removal undertaken to make sure it does not spread further. A drying program using specialised equipment to dry the wet area, reduce moisture content in the room and capture any mould spores was organised. Once the area was dry then reinstatement could commence.

Extensive mould removal is something that should be left to the experts. Capital can provide you with guidance and is available to attend to emergency water damage and mould removal work 24/7. If you require mould removal or are unsure if you have a hidden mould issue in your home or business call Capital on 1800 554 418 and we will provide you with expert guidance on what is required and how we can help you.