Drying Carpet Will Not Always Save It!!

Drying Carpet is what Capital Restoration Cleaning is known for across Melbourne.

However, there are times when the flooded carpet is not salvageable and we have to remove it.

It is industry standard to not dry carpet contaminated with black water


Flooded carpet cannot be saved when it is contaminated by what is referred too as black water. Blackwater is often referred to as water that has come into contact or contains faecal matter and is full of bacteria that can be very harmful to human health. Therefore, sewage overflow onto your carpet means it needs to be removed and can not be saved. There are health risks associated with Drying Carpet that has been contaminated with black water.

Drying Carpet that has mould growing on it is not safe

If the flooded carpet has signs of mould growing on it then it should be carefully removed by water damage restoration experts to ensure the mould contamination is contained and does not spread. Flooded carpet that is left for 24-48 hours is at high risk of mould growth. The longer the water sits on the carpet and other surfaces the more likely it is to become contamination.

Drying Carpet

Mouldy contaminated wet carpet makes for a moist environment in your water damaged home or business. Mould spores multiply and grow in moist environments and like to attach to most surfaces. The problem of mouldy wet carpet can quickly grow into a more serious mould problem through your home or business with significant associated health issues to your family or employees. Please make sure you take it seriously and move fast to have it resolved.

Expert flooded Carpet Restorers Can Work Out If your Carpet Can Be Saved

At Capital Restoration Cleaning our team has the expertise, knowledge and skills to identify if your Flooded Carpet can be saved or if it is best removed to avoid issues of mould and toxic pathogen contamination. Our restoration team has been drying carpet and managing flooded carpet programs for close to 20 years.   We can collect all the necessary evidence to support insurance claims and can provide insurance reports that will justify the removal of mouldy wet carpet or wet carpet contaminated with black water.

We can be reached 24 hours a day. 7 days a week on 1300 554 418.

Our aim is to attend to any drying carpet request or flooded carpet restoration program within a few hours. The longer wet carpet is left unattended the great the damage that will occur, making it a longer a much more costly exercise to restore your wet carpet and water damaged property to its pre-loss condition.