Poor Drainage and Ventilation Causes Mould Issues Under Melburnian Homes

Mould Removal Melbourne Experts, Capital Restoration (a division of Capital Facility Services) are amazed at how often poor drainage and ventilation under Melburnian homes result in an issue of mould and mildew. The build-up of moisture in the confined dark crawl space under one’s home provides the perfect environment for mould to thrive and spread. It is hidden from sight and not something that is easy to identify until the issues become a critical one.

Mould removal

Some tips to avoid Mould from growing under your home

  1. Ensure that there is adequate ventilation under your home so that air can circulate, preventing the build-up of moisture. Mould will grow in moist environments.
  2. If there are torrential rains or flooding water should be directed to fall away from the foundations of your home, if it isn’t the water will flow under your home and will sit there creating the perfect moist environment for mould, especially if ventilation is poor
  3. Check that you do not have drains and gutters directing water under your home if you do then redirect them.
  4. Do not direct your dryer vent to blow into the crawl space of your home, ensure it is vented to the outdoors.
  5. Make sure there are no leaking pipes or ducts under your subfloor
  6. Make sure that your foundations do not have any cracks or leaks
  7. Foundations with water stains, mould growth or rotting.

Some warning signs to alert you to check if there is mould under your home

  1. Allergy reactions such as sneezing, sore eyes or a runny nose that are worse at home than anywhere else, without any visible issue of mould in your home or roof cavity.
  2. Signs of unexplained mould growing on your subfloor or the exterior to the crawl space of your home
  3. An unexplained musty smell coming up from your floor or very musty smell and stuffy air coming through the trap door of your crawlspace
  4. Water trapped under your home or coming up through your heating ducts

What to do if you have mould under your home

Mould removal

If you suspect you have mould under your home, then ensure you call a professional mould removal specialist organisation in Melbourne. Do not try and deal with toxic mould yourself.

Capital is an IICRC mould removal company that can access any suspicion you have that there is mould growing under your home. Our Restoration technicians will use a range of techniques to determine if there is a mould issue and the extent of the issue and will then devise a plan to remove the mould. We will check under your home but would suggest that we also check for mould in your home also to cover all bases and do a thorough investigation.

Mould is toxic and you should never expose yourself to it without the correct personal protective gear and use of special respirators. You and your family should not be living in mouldy environments as mould is detrimental to your health.

Do not put yourself at risk, call Capital on 1300 554 418 to find out about our Mould Removal Services and Mould Assessment offers across Melbourne.